My name is Bobby – I’m a 30-something retail manager from Bognor Regis (I know, not very glamorous at all!). Aside from my day job, I’ve always had a fascination with both online and offline casinos. There’s something quite thrilling about hitting the slots or getting comfy at the poker table.

Like most people, I’d love to score a big win one day. As of yet, it hasn’t quite happened. However, that doesn’t stop me from dreaming! Because I’m so interested in the big casino wins from around the world, I decided to set up a website on it all. Please forgive me, I’m very new to all this, but hopefully you’ll enjoy what’s on offer.

I’ve dug out true life stories of big casino wins and even put some top lists and guides together too. If there’s anything you want to see on the site then please do get in contact. You can also share your big casino wins with our readers. There are contact details on this page.

That’s all for now – I hope you enjoy the site!