Biggest Casino Pay Outs Ever: Archie Karas (Los Angeles)

Archie Karas is the man who started with just $50 in his pocket but ended up with $40m and a lifetime ban from all Las Vegas casinos. Beginning a road trip from California to Las Vegas where he hoped to make his fortune in casinos, on the journey he made several stops at casinos to play poker. By the time he reached Vegas, he had turned the $50 into $10,000. Undeterred by the possibility of a winning streak coming to an end, he soldiered on and reached Vegas confident in his extra spending power.

He bet £10 on Intercasino. You

Sticking mostly to poker and baccarat as he felt he was such an accomplished player, but also dabbling in the occasional game of dice, Karas gamble paid off as by the end of his road trip to Las Vegas he had won over $40m.

Karas was, unfortunately, a big spender and soon lost the money again – this is a common story with high-rollers. A big loss was the reason he only had $50 to his name in the first place, he’d lost some $2m in his native California which prompted him to go on the road trip.