Biggest Casino Pay Outs Ever: Mike Ashley (London)

The 54th richest man in the UK, and owner of Newcastle United Football Club and sport supplies chain Sports Direct, is a well-known high roller in the casinos of London’s exclusive Mayfair. He is also famous for having one of the largest wins ever on a single spin of a roulette wheel. This he achieved in 2008 after spending just 15 minutes at the wheel.

Despite well-known for being camera shy, the usual low-key Mike Ashley walked into the exclusive Fifty London Casino in Mayfair and bet for a ball to land on the number 17 – reported to be his favourite and lucky number. The wheel landed on his chosen number and he left the casino just quarter of an hour later, over one million pounds richer than he was the moment he walked in to the joint.

Yet it wasn’t a simple spin of the wheel. High-rollers are known for making complex bets and Ashley placed something called a “complete” bet, a combination that gives very high odds. Ashley bet that the following would happen:

  • It would land on 17
  • It would land on black
  • It would land on an odd number
  • It would land on a number between 1 and 18

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