Biggest Ever Megajackpots Wins

IGT MegaJackpots are the kings of progressive jackpot games, and their slots include games such as Megajackpots Cleopatra, Megajackpots Monopoly Plus, Megajackpots Cluedo and MegaJackpots Siberian Storm to just name a few. These popular slot games are well designed, work on mobile and tablet devices and, of course, have some incredible prizes available!

Although there are several games under the Megajackpots name, the way to win the jackpot is the same on each game. You must find five Megajackpots symbols across the middle pay line, and you have to have wagered the maximum bet to win. You can either choose to be paid in 20 equal annual installments, or a slightly reduced amount paid all at once.

The biggest ever jackpot win on a Megajackpots game was by an unnamed player back in September of 2013 and was an incredible £2,148,947! A life changing sum of money for one person! Although this was around four years ago, it still reminds the largest ever win in these games… for now!

The second largest payout was another unknown player in January 2014 who won £1,777,233, and the third was £1,370,344 which was won in November a year later by someone playing on Mr. Green! Before that, in March 2015, a slightly smaller prize of £1,261,483 was won, so it seems that 2015 was a really lucky year for two people at least!

The most recent notably large win was April 2016, where someone walked away with a cool £1,215,462! Perhaps with it being over a year since the last really big win, it could be due to be beaten anytime soon? Even if the payout isn’t quite up to the level of the greatest wins, any of the large jackpots would be an incredible amount to win!

Stats seem to show that the Megajackpots progressive is won on average, every 12 weeks, and the average win is around £833,168 which is certainly not to be scoffed at! There have been around 30 big wins with the smallest at a still incredible £506,276. The ICT’s MegaJackpots games seed at £500,000 so it is certainly worth keeping an eye out, especially for the chance to win one of the bigger prizes. Perhaps you could even beat the highest win of £2,148,947!