Biggest Ever Wins on Major Millions

Major Millions is a simple progressive slot that has been around since 2000, and it seems that its simplicity, in terms of gameplay, design, and rules, is what has attracted so many players over the years – that, and the massive amounts of money that are up for grabs! So what are the biggest ever wins on Major Millions?

Someone known only as ‘A.F.’ who is from the Netherlands, won an astronomical prize of €738,479 when playing the Major Millions progressive slot. The best part is that he was playing only with the €50 gift that he had been sent from the casino to celebrate his birthday! He won a jackpot of over €700,000, and didn’t spend a single penny of his own money – fantastic!

Another pretty huge winner was Spanish Joaquim M who won a cool €1.4m when playing at Jackpot City back in June 2004. At the time, winning over a million dollars in a game like this was practically unheard of, and so there was a lot of buzz around Joaquim, her win and the game as a whole. Even many years later, when wins have grown exponentially, we still certainly wouldn’t scoff at winning €1.4m from online slots!

The most recent colossal win went to Many Bowman for £1,185,047 back in October of 2006 and is one of the biggest that has been won on the game. The two biggest wins of £1,801,517 and £1,788,930 were won just months apart in 2012, but the winners have not been named (who can blame them for wanting to keep such a huge prize out of the headlines?!)! All we do know is that it seems that January and May were the luckiest months in 2012!

In August of 2015, Eric D won an impressive £1,166,358 at Roxy Palace and German player, known only by their username of ‘CihanD; won £1,025,690 on All Slots Casino in October of 2014!

As you can see, these are really life changing sums of money that were won by average people, perhaps playing at home in front of the telly, or on their phone on the bus. It really could happen to you, and these wins explain why progressive jackpots, such as Major Millions are so popular!