Highest and Maximum Bets

Biggest Ever Recorded Bet

Betting can be big business and an adrenaline fuelled game. Due to the risks involved, some casinos and betting sites allow a maximum bet. But what is the largest ever bet to have been placed? Although there have been a few famous $1m craps and roulette spins in Las Vegas, the highest value bet to date was a £900,000 ($1.35m US) single stake placed at William Hill in Glasgow in September 2014. The date was significant as it was the date of the Scottish referendum on independence. The punter bet that Scotland would vote “No”, which it did.

Maximum Permissible Bet

As far as the largest amount a player can stake on any game is concerned, this varies from game to game and game to casino. With sports betting, the bookmaker is permitted to set its own limits. So far, the maximum recorded permissible bet in Las Vegas for a table game is $50,000 though you will find some casinos have tables with no maximum. However, the term can be misleading as in this type of game, the player may not bring more money in during the game – so the limit is the funds available at the start of the game.

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